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Living Room Dutch2use


Living Room Dutch2use


13 jan 2020


First Lesson
19:00 - 21:30



Dutch course in the living room (level A0)

Dutch course in the living room. The alternative way to attend a Dutch course in a pleasant, personal environment. You receive lessons in a group, but the emphasis is on the development of your individual language potential.

Target audience:

Foreign speakers who have already taken a Dutch beginners course.
Level A0 (see hier for more information)


Each living room lesson lasts 2.5 hours. You register for 10 lessons.
In addition to the living room lessons you need time for doing homework. On average 2 to 4 hours a week.
During the course you get access to a special Dutch2use website for homework, assignments and information.


Monday evening 19.00 – 21.30

Why does Dutch2use choose the living room approach?

What we see is that participants of a standard Dutch language course are very good at doing grammatical exercises and understanding Dutch texts. But as soon as you want to talk to them, it changes. Speaking the Dutch language is insufficiently practiced.
The Dutch course in the living room is intended for people who want to learn in a group, who want to speak a lot and who want to do that in an informal way. By transferring the writing and grammar exercises to the online platform, we save time for a extra practice time to have a good conversation.

What does the Dutch course in the living room look like in practice?

In the course there is a lot of time for the conversation. Each lesson there one student is the “spokesperson” who leads the conversation. He compiles a list of words (in consultation with the trainer) that forms the basis for the conversation. This glossary is shared with the other participants in advance, so they can prepare themselves for the lesson.

Of course there is also a lot of attention for grammar and reading comprehension. The grammar exercises and reading comprehension are mainly done as homework and the correction is largely done online. In this way there is more than enough time during the lesson to learn to speak Dutch.

Each living room group of students has its own website where experiences can be shared and where homework is handed in and checked. In addition, there are regular online video conferences in which a specific grammatical problem can be discussed. Participation in the online meetings is voluntary.

The minimum number of participants in this course is 3. If there are too few participants, we offer you an alternative.

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Registration Dutch course in the living room

January 13, 2020: level A0

Available Boeking: 10
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